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Forgot your password? Simply click here and enter your email address, and we will immediately send you a new password. Register now to. Manuscript editing and polishing by high-quality, Asia-based (English) language and science editors. More than 8 years of experience in the scholarly, scientific.

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About Us. In the international world of science publishing, the ability to write in. publishers-developed a new editorial solution Professional Editing Services. AMS is pleased to provide the following links to professional English-language editing services.. Authors who would like assistance in refining the use of English in their manuscripts might consider utilizing the services of SPi, which offers language polishing services to authors in the areas of science, technology,. Global English Editing is a leading professional editing service, specializing in helping academics with journal articles. Authors who would like assistance in refining the use of English in their manuscripts might consider utilizing the services of SPi, which offers.

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