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Our Prices. Note For regular editing services (1-day editing and longer), documents are returned by midnight (Eastern time) on the due date. For example, a document submitted for the 1-day editing service on Monday will be returned by midnight on Tuesday (Eastern time). Good value editing services tailored towards the needs of independent authors. Range of packages to suit all pockets and requirements.

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Editing services pricing. So if your document is 555 words or less, our invoice to you will reflect this minimum charge. Feb 14, 2018. So, how much does it cost to edit a video? One way many. A typical workflow may include the following video editing services Importing video. Depending upon the region you are located in and the level of experience of the video editor, professional video editing rates range between 75 to 150hr. Aug 9, 2017. The average cost for an Editor is 300. To hire an Editor to edit your work, you are likely to spend between 200 and 350 total. The price of an Editor can vary depending on your area.

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