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Experience the signature flavors of Good Evil, a unique dark chocolate bar inspired by the friendship of chef Eric Ripert and culinary guru Anthony Bourdain. Crafted in the traditional European style by Christopher Curtin and clat Choc Nov 14, 2012. The latter chefs representative gave me one this weekend and it is, as advertised, the best chocolate I ever ate. But the taste of their Good Evil bar is almost beside the point. The reason I was interested in trying it is because I trust the integrity of the Tony and Eric Show. Their bromance has become. Buy the Bar! To get there, though, we have to travel back to the 80s, to Bryans grandmothers dairy farm in upstate New York, where she taught him how to bake.. This year has been particularly good to Fruition all around, especially where the Maraon Milk bar is concerned The brand-new bar swept the International.

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