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Items 1 - 9. 31.00. Doctorate, Gown, Tam amp38 Tassel. Doctorate, Gown, Tam Tassel. 61.00. Doctorate Hood, Tam amp38 Tassel Doctorate Hood, Tam Tassel. 65.50. Doctorate Cap amp38 Tassel. Doctorate Cap Tassel. 10.50. Doctorate Tam amp38 Tassel Doctorate Tam Tassel. 32.50. All Custom Regalia orders must be received by March 18th, in order to guarantee delivery in time for this years commencement. Why Order your own Academic Regalia? Every year, hundreds of educators discover the many advantages of owning their own caps, gowns and hoods. Convenience, of course, is partly.

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Individuals wishing to rent fine regalia for Commencement need to place their order at the MSU Bookstore by Friday, October 20, 2017. Payment is required at time of order on rental regalia the Provosts Office has generously offered a 60 stipend toward renting regalia. Doctoral Rental Package Gown, Cap, Tassel, and.

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