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The way mine worked is that I drove about 15 minutes to a distribution center to pick up and stuff the papers, then drove back and did the route. I had about 160 papers and. Talk to the manager and ask about a k driver position position as the pay is better and you can do a 5 day work week. Off the Grid. The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has a 7 day, early morning delivery route open in the AlbionWolf Lake area and in the Columbia City area approx 900 per month!!! Dependable vehicle. Pay is every 2 weeks. To apply. Requires delivery of open routes and re-delivery of papers to customers as well as Apply Now. Newspaper Route jobs available on Delivery Driver, Distribution Manager, Newspaper Carrier and more! The Pantagraph carriers felt a little superior to the other paper carriers because they were expected to perform at a higher standard. Also, the Pantagraph was the most widely read paper in town. Daryle and David Uphoff in 1954. The standards we had to live up to were enforced by our route supervisor from Bloomington,.

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Although paper delivery used to be a popular first job among What Do Newspaper Delivery Jobs Pay? But newspaper delivery isnt necessarily a 40-hour-per-week job. As of 2012, the trend for newspapers is to pay by route at a rate of anywhere from 400 to. Apr 30, 2012. Although I picked up a few bucks mowing lawns in the neighborhood, at age 14 I sought and secured my first real job an early morning paper route.. Furthermore, simply knowing that I found this job all by myself, that I had responsibilities outside the home and that I was getting paid for my efforts put a.

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