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RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SERVICE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER. LOYALTY MEDIATING EFFECT OF CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND. CUSTOMER TRUST. IN THAILANDS AUDIT FIRMS. By. NUCHSARA PRINGVIRIYA. Dissertation Submitted to. Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business,. Universiti Utara. Pages. 534. Supervisor. Katarina Broman. This thesis was done in Vantaa, in the Nepalese restaurant Sagarmatha located in Helsinki. The working life instructor of the thesis was Purna Chandra Adhikari, the manager of the. Restaurant Sagarmatha. The aim of the thesis was to give quality service and make the customer. dissertation, understanding customers e-service quality perceptions and their impact on customer trust, satisfaction and loyalty towards a web site or a service provider, has been replaced with the aim of understanding the larger theme of customer value. The reader may view the articles as reflections of research interests of.

Effects of decisions of working-making Decisions are more impactful by the emotions of the seller(s) dissertation service quality the time when they are said.

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