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A literature review should be directly related to and help to define the research question or thesis statement that you want to develop. Some of the works you review should. are offered by the Library. EndNote can be loaned overnight from the Service Desks of the Central Library, for downloading to your personal computer. What is a literature review? Students are often unsure of how to write a literature review. This is usually because, unlike other stages of a thesis such as Methods and Results, they have never written a literature review before. This section contains a summery list of relevant research articles, case reports, review articles, editorials, and other supplementary literature. Products. Education. Scientific Literature. Contact. Sales and Technical Service 1 877-330-0338.

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Are you required to write a review of literature but you have no idea where to begin? Get the help you need from our experienced expert writers. With our competitively cheap writing service, you shall obtain professional custom scientific literature review help from our expert writers. These services cover the full lifespan of the evaluation from evaluability and feasibility studies, needs assessments and logic models to data collection, analysis, final reports and recommendations. Systematic Literature Reviews. Literature review expertise includes training data abstractors, preparing andor editing.

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