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Before you make a beeline to the nearest drug store for paper supplies, stop! Spend just a little more and you can get real glasses and basic white plates thatll last you far beyond this dinner. Here are five places to buy cheap dishes at the last minute Find great deals on eBay for cheap paper plates. Shop with confidence.

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Paper Plate Lithography- Cheap, Fast and Easy. By Heather Muise, East. that work best with the process, how to process the paper plates, inking techniques and printing images on two. Use a small amount of gum arabic to coat your work surface to help the paper to stay in place while you are applying ink to its surface. results. PartyCheap has cheap party tableware in dozens of patterns and designs including plates, cups, napkins and utensils for all of your party needs.. Our Price 3.99. Quick View Colorful square coated paper plates that are printed with Despicable Me minions giving a high five. Despicable Me Square Plates 9.

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