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Mar 2, 2018. I have often wondered if others dont use paper towels the way I do, especially after seeing shopping carts piled high with them and seeing so many people buying them in bulk. Then when I saw a show where a woman had a shower stall filled with them, I knew something was very different. Since I use only. From multi-fold and c-fold towels for restrooms to Bounty towels for break rooms and kitchens, at Bulk Office Supply we offer a large selection of paper towels. Whether to dry your hands to wipe down counters, all our paper towels are discounted at wholesale prices. Get additional savings when you buy in bulk, so stock up.

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I Stopped Buying Paper Towels And Napkins Years Ago—Here's

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Weve been buying viva paper towels for years and substituted them for Kleenex because of their softness. Recently we bought a pack at walmart and it was obvious that they were different. They felt like a regular paper towel, hardly any softness to them at all. Maybe this was a substandard bunch that came off the line???

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