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Use the following procedure to assign the Write servicePrincipalName permission to a user or group Start Active Directory Users and Computers. Select View, Advanced. Locate the sources computer account. Right-click on the source computer account and select Properties. Select the Security tab and click the Advanced button. Jun 23, 2017. stringservicePrincipalName, the password if you choose to specify it, otherwise the script will generate one for you. stringservicePrincipalPassword ) Set the regex for the input validation on the SPN SPNNamingStandard--z5,40 Write-Host Provisioning AzureAD AppService Principal. Oct 17, 2013. ServicePrincipalName Read ServicePrincipalName Write. We will use the 3rd option to fix the error. First, it is good practice to verify that the problem is actually due to permission issues. Log in to the server where you SQL Instance is running. Go to the error logs and look for the last time that the SQL. Automated Solution with Eyeglass Object Level Method 3.2 Automated Solution with Eyeglass Organization Unit Method 4 How to Use Active Directory Delegation of Control Wizard to Delegate Service Principal Name Permissions to the cluster. 4.1 Example of SPN in ADSIedit Tool 4.2 How to check cluster SPN.

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Dec 9, 2011. You must grant Read and Write ServicePrincipalName1 for both instances. This is what allows SQL Server to create remove SPNs. Assign the service accounts as the startup accounts for the SQL Server instances. SVCSQLServerA for SQLServerA and SVCSQLServerB for SQLServerB. Restart the SQL. May 3, 2013. The permissions required for this are the Read servicePrincipalName and Write servicePrincipalName access control settings in the Active Directory service. One thing that should be noted is granting these rights is not recommended (see httpsupport.microsoft.comkb319723) if SQL Server is clustered.

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