Do Mythic Dungeons Reset

World of Warcraft (Wow) Legion Mythic Dungeon boost includes Completing 8 of 10 or 10 of 10 dungeons in mythic difficulty. Oct 5, 2016. You do not get any loot from Bosses or trashmobs during your run, regardless of difficulty You do get at least one and up to three loot chests at the end of. In other words if you manage to complete a mythic 8 dungeon your chest will contain an 925 item after the next reset even if it took you 5 hours or. Assuming WoW launches as 1201am PST, there is a weekly dungeon reset 8 hours later on the 30th. Is that the reset they are referring to or are they referring to the reset on the 6th? (31st7th for EU players) Only one member of the party needs to place their Keystone within the Font of Power inside the dungeon on Mythic difficulty. Other players do not need a Keystone, and if they do not have one yet (and havent owned one sine the last weekly dungeon reset) they will be awarded one at the completion of the dungeon.

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